BIOM New Zealand

BIOM NZ is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company.

What sets BIOM NZ apart is the fact that using latest biotechnology, to ensure BIOM organic & biological fertilisers are the leaders of markets.  We are always making sure  that our products keep leading organic fertiliser industry and proud to supply wide range of products and services at competitive price to suit customers’ various needs. We prioritize ourselves on exceptional quality and we deliver this to our clients.

Biom founder Rui Jiang worked in the recycling industry for years, and wanted to find a quick way of producing reliably high quality fertiliser. He discovered a high-temperature enzymatic process, using specific microorganisms to degrade organic matter at 70–75ºC in 24 hours or less. Four years ago, Rui started using this process to manufacture organic fertiliser in China, with certified organic tapioca as the raw material, sterilised with high-pressure steam at 121ºC for 15 minutes to finish it off.

Biom’s non-toxic fertiliser has no weed seeds or pesticide residues, and has been used in New Zealand by farmers, growers and home gardeners since 2015.

BIOM NZ Organic Fertilizers

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Auckland Office: 48 Franklin Road, Pukekohe, Auckland 2120

Landline        (09) 570 5984

Rui Jiang (Managing Director)       (021)2879 888

Amber Jin      (027)363 2421

Leo Cao           (021)0883 0758

                              Diane Lu         (027)3547 246

Steven Kang   (021)0242 7268

Tina Qu           (021) 179 1635

First shipment 2-8-2016