From time to time, we have received a large number of positive feedback and harvest photos from our customers to share with.

Our BIOM organic fertiliser ™  (Biogro certified #5669) has been used for both agriculture and horticulture areas and one of the reasons to choose our products is that we use 100% organic tapioca as our raw material.

As you may have known that one of the major positive attributes of tapioca is that it does not have a specific harvesting period. Roots may be harvested any time between six months and two years after planting. Our source of tapioca is growing and harvesting in south of China. It is 100% organic and no pesticides or any kind of chemicals being used at all stages during its whole growth periods circle and it can be used for human consumption and that’s why we say it is food grade and safe to use.

Harvesting usually takes place at about 8 to 10 months. Once harvested, roots can be consumed directly by the farm household, fed to livestock or for processing into a wide array of value-added products, ranging from coarse flour to high-tech starch, in our case we use it to produce organic fertiliser.

Our organic fertiliser utilises unique high temperature enzymatic technology to ensure all ingredients are sterilised by autoclaving at a minimum of 121℃ (degrees) for at least 15 to get rid off contamination of any harmful residuals, then we added BM1 (a group of selected bacteria) to enhance biologically activities in soil to retain moisture, water holding capacity, resist disease at earlier stage and release nutrients from soil ensuring greater production, faster rotation of crops and more rapid recovery from stress.

Our organic fertiliser has no animal products, no toxic, and it has a complete range of major and trace minerals that organic fertiliser has to offer. It continuously improves soil structure, enhance soil fertility, plant productivity and condition, adjust pH value of soil. It is Mother Nature’s fertiliser, blending multiple nutrients and trace elements from the earth.

We hereby would like to share some harvesting photos from our customers. Be healthy, use organic. Think organic, Think Future!