BIOM NZ has recently signed a Trading Terms Agreement with Huckleberry in that BIOM Organic Fertiliser ™   (Biogro Certified #5669) will be selling through 4 stores of Huckleberry located in Grey Lynn, Royal Oak, New Lynn and Glen Innes of Auckland.  There will be 500gram, 2kg and 5kg bags of BIOM Organic Fetilisers avaiable from the shelf and Royal Oak will be the flagship store to launch our products starting 30th May 2017.

Currently BIOM Organic Fertiliser ™   has been retailing at various fruit and vege stores, including Xceptions (Browns Bay), Ken’s Vege (Glenfield), Thai Heng Fruit & Vege (Takapuna), Fresh & Save (Albany), Dahua Supermarket (Northcote), New Lynn TaiPing (New Lynn), Panmure Fresh Supermarket (Panmure), Fresho Fruit & Veges (Mt Roskill), Fruit World (Greenlane),  Ellerslie Supermaket (Ellerslie), Tofu Shop (New Market), Fresh Valley (Onehunga), Tofu Shop (East Tamaki) and Spice Bazaar (Flat Bush), totally 14 shops.

With joining of Palmers in April 2017,  BIOM Organic Fertiliser ™ has now been retailing through Palmers Pakuranga, Palmers Napier and Palmers Whangarei etc. and now we are proundly to have Huckleberry on board to make us having extensive operating range up to 35 stores nationwide.


Huckleberry is New Zealand’s largest retailer of natural, organic and gluten free foods, with stores throughout Auckland aiming to bring natural, organic foods to New Zealand by providing an intimate and covenient shopping experience. The first Huckleberry Farms store was opened in early 1990’s, as at today, Huckleberry continues to deliver quality, nourishing organic foods not only to its customers on restricted diets and food allergies, but also to anyone interested in health and wellbeing through nutrition. At Huckleberry, every staff will continue to focus on ensuring the integrity, quality and freshness of their products and helping to look after you and the environment.


BIOM Organic Fertiliser ™ , as one of their products, is Mother Nature’s fertiliser. Blending multiple nutrients and trace elements from the earth with below key features:

1)      Suitable for all purposes (veges, fruits, flowers, trees, lawn, home & office, garden & farm, indoor & outdoor, etc).
2)      Food-grade natural and organic tapioca as raw material to ensure stable quality of our product.
3)      No Chemical containment, no animal product and non-toxic.
4)      Encourages a larger and tastier crops.
5)      Encourages stronger root growth and improved plant resistance to environmental stress.
6)      Improve crops quality and stronger and healthier plant growth.
7)      High performance and higher water retaining capacity.
8)      Improve soil fertility and remain long term sustainable.

We are also expecting to have Organic Bamboo Vinegar (Pest Control, Cleaners and Sanitizers) and BIOM Liquid Organic Fertiliser to be added to widen our product range by the end of August 2017. Please keep “organic” concept in mind, lets think long term sustainability through organic fertiliser, Think organic, Think Future!