What is BioChar? Why our BioChar Fertiliser “Trinity” is the best BioChar Organic Fertiliser in New Zealand?

Biochar is charcoal used as a soil amendment. Biochar is a stable solid, rich in carbon, and can endure in soil for thousands of years. Like most charcoal, biochar is made from biomass via pyrolysis. Biochar is under investigation as an approach to carbon sequestration. Biochar

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Auckland flower grower Zoe Flower Partnership – Follow up

Flower grower Zoe Flower has started using our BIOM Organic Fertiliser, since November last year. Their cockscomb, sunflower and Eustoma russellianum are all in full bloom now. The own said to us, their flowers have grown better than last season since using our fertiliser. Compare to using hydroponic fertilization system, the running cost has dropped largely, around 30%. The production yield is slightly better with organic fertiliser. Flower stems are stronger, healthier. Market value is higher.

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