Portable Hand Held Meters

  • Mobile measuring across multiple sites
  • Smaller size, battery powered
  • Spot check grow systems

Soil pH Pen Datasheet

Continuous Monitoring

  • Constant measuring of key parameters 24/7
  • Easy to see readings, large backlit display

Automated Control

  • Consistent delivery of pH and/or nutrient
  • Save time, save labour

Bluelab® Connect

  • Wireless data logging to your computer
  • Visibility when you’re not with your plants
  • Remote viewing with mobile apps

Connect Stick Datasheet

Connect Range Extender Datasheet

Accessories & Spare Parts

  • Create a more complete system
  • Replace the parts you need

External Lockout &
Alarm Box Datasheet

Carry Case Datasheet

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Bluelab® Solutions

  • High quality solutions formulated for hydrating and calibrating probes
  • Professional strength pH adjusters – optimum growth needs optimum pH

Solution Bottles Datasheet

Solution Sachets Datasheet