Let’s have a look! the blue taped ones are using our BIOM Organic Fertiliser and those not blue taped ones are using slow release chemical compound fertiliser. (N–P–K  12–5.2–14 + S, Mg)

Both groups have been planted same way, same potting mix, same condition and same everything…


Courgettes grow happily with BIOM organic fertiliser. Base dressing method was applied when potting, no further feeding after it.

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However compound fertiliser’s fancy number (N–P–K  12–5.2–14 + S, Mg) still could not work out well with basil. 5 out of 6 testing pots dead, the only one left is as above (left).

The blue taped one is our organically fed basil. As you can see, it is much taller and stronger.


Spring onions are growing strong.


Cucumbers will be ready in a couple of weeks.

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Size wise, tomatoes are even both groups. We are hoping the flavor test will confirm our group is better.