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Biom NZ is now proundly to have Huckleberry on board

BIOM Organic Fertiliser ™ is Mother Nature’s fertiliser, with joining of Palmers in April 2017, BIOM Organic Fertiliser ™ has been retailing at various stores in NZ. Now we are proundly to have Huckleberry on board to make us having extensive operating range up to 35 stores nationwide.

Introducing our NEW Trinity Compound Bio-Organic Fertiliser

Trinity Compound Bio-Organic Fertiliser is our 2017 brand new fertiliser type. It's composition is based on our sound research of soil biology to insure the maximum productivity over most plants.  The major components include compound synthetic

Biom Organic Fertiliser to be retailing through Palmers

BIOM NZ has signed a Trading Terms Agreement today with Palmers (PFS) in that BIOM Organic Fertiliser ™ (Biogro Certified #5669) will be retailing through Palmers 16 stores throughout North Island of New Zealand around June 2017.