This is NZ BioGro Certified Organic granule Fertiliser.


BIOM Organic Fertiliser is 100% plant based product, made of tapiocas, seaweed, biochar, humate acid, amino acid and beneficial bacteria.


Apply 200g per square metre for vegetables and flowers or 200-300g per fruit tree. 


Key Features: 
1) Suitable for all purposes (veggies, fruits, flowers, trees, lawn, home & office, garden & farm, indoor & outdoor, etc). 
2) 100% organic raw material (Food-grade tapioca is the only raw material source to ensure the stable quality of our product). 
3) No Chemical containment, no animal product and non-toxic. 
4) It encourages a larger and tastier crop. 
5) Encourages stronger root growth and improved plant resistance to environmental stress 
6) Improve crops quality and stronger and healthier plant growth 
7) High performance and longer water retention 
8) Improve soil fertility and aids long term sustainability