500g Quality lawn seeds, dark green and fine.

  • For high wear areas, for all sports
  • Very adaptable to most applications
  • Very tolerant to high wear areas
  • Bird repellent
  • Cover 12 square metres


Preparation Better to prepare the seedbed in spring, when the soil is starting to dry out. Roll or tread the ground down and rake it. A pre-seeding fertiliser should be raked into the soil to stimulate root growth and get the lawn off to a good start.

Sowing Suitable for sowing any time from spring to early autumn. Always water with fine spray-a strong water jet will remove the seed!

Feeding your lawn Apply a pre-seeding fertiliser to the seedbed a few days before sowing. Once the lawn is established, usually after 12 months of growth, it will require feeding regularly to ensure good establishment and keep it in first-class condition.

Mowing your lawn Cut the grass for the first time when it is 40-50mm high. Trim lightly and gradually lower the blades to an ideal cutting height of 25-30mm.