Nitrophoska WHITE Fertiliser is a balanced all-purpose fertiliser containing all essential nutrients and trace elements required for healthy plant growth. 

High nutrients concentration N-P-K 12-6-14 + TE 

1.Directions for use 

1.1. As a base dressing: 
* Apply before planting at the rate of 50g per square meter. (A handful approximately 40g) 
* Mix thoroughly into the soil. 

1.2 As a side dressing: 
* Apply 50g per square metre of fertiliser around the dripline of plants (the dripline is where 
the plant’s foliage extends to) 
*Water after application 
* Wash any fertiliser spill off plant foliage. 
*Apply every 4 weeks to vegetables and flowers during key growth periods. 

NB: Suitable for vegetables, flowers, lawn, and shrub. Not suitable for fruit tree especially at flowering and fruiting stage. Use our premium semi-organic seaweed based fertilizer.