Triclo is a selective herbicide – it kills the target weeds without killing your desirable grasses. 

Rainbow & Brown’s Triclo weed killer contains 600g/L triclopyr as the butoxyethyl ester.

Controls Blackberry, Broom, Gorse, Lupin, Tutus, Fennell, Sweet Brier and Old Man’s beard. 

Also effective against most broadleaf weeds in pasture, as well as Hydrocotyle and Creeping Oxalis. 

And it controls Kikuyu in turf. 

Works best when applied in warmer months, when plants are actively growing. 


** 6ml/litre of water for knapsack sprayers. 

Always add 10ml/10 litres SprayWetter non-ionic penetrant to the spray tank, to aid penetration and boost performance. 

For gorse, use SuperWetter organosilicone penetrant at 10ml/10 litres.