This is exactly the same professional formula used at commercial hydroponic farms. 


Each formula has its unique composition for ultimate performance. Please select the right item from the assortment list, or contact us, if you need a tailor made mix. Our fertiliser technician will help you work it out.


For each formula, there are 2 potions A and B+Trace Elements, total of 2.5kg. Makes approximately 1,000L of hydroponic fertiliser solution.


  1. Dissolve them into Tank A and Tank B accordingly.
  2. Extract the same amount of solution A and soultion B into buffer tank and add water until the mixure reaches desired EC/CF/ppm.
  3. Add pH adjustment solution (pH Up or pH down) drop by drop until the mixture reaches desired pH value.
  4. Make sure your solutions are nice and clean all the time, if not, check your filters or replace soultion completely.
  5. Check root zone regularly, making sure it looks good and right.