Golden Bay Dolomite is natural Magnesium Carbonate, non – leaching and totally plant available. Typically New Zealand soils are magnesium deficient, Dolomite will efficiently build both Magnesium and Calcium base saturation levels in your soil.


Each application of Dolomite presents magnesium to your stock through your pasture. In doing this you decrease animal metabolic problems, therefore reducing the need for many extra animal health remedies.


Some functions of Magnesium in plants are:

  • Found at the centre of the chlorophyll, essential for plant photosynthesis
  • Is a carrier for Phosphorus so will ensure a steady flow of P to the plant
  • Will increase nitrogen fixation in legumes
  • Is both an enzyme activator and a constituent of many enzymes
  • Responsible for sugar synthesis and starch translocation
  • Nutrient uptake control.