Coco Peat Chip&coir Growing Media bag for Hydroponic – Open Top – READY TO USE—About 10L

This product is professionally made for commercial growers and now also available for home and hobby growers. 

The growing media is made of 60% of chips and 40% of peat, washed (Low EC), dried and compressed, weed-free. The reason you should use this composition, instead of 100% peat, is this composition ensures an ultimate ratio of water-holding ability and breathe for root. 

The Bag is open-top design, it’s ready to use. There are 8 holes at the bottom and 4 cuts at edges for maximum flow and breath for growing a healthy root.

The size will go up 9 times when swelling up. Capacity for 2 large commercially planted tomatoes in 1 bag. In some applications, you might need to use larger pots, soak the brick and refill your own pot at the desired volume.

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