Contains: gibberellic acid (GA3)  900g/kg in the form of a water-soluble powder.

Gibber 900 is a 90% strength gibberellic acid which is a natural plant growth regulator that has been used successfully in horticulture and other areas for many years.
Rapid increase of dry matter (DM) production during spring and autumn (cool weather) feed shortfalls: increases of 30-60% can be achieved within just 3 weeks.

Depending on underlying fertility and pasture quality, this increase can be 250kgDM/Ha extra.

Amazingly cost-effective at 9g/ha, and simple to apply with any spray gear.

Remember if you have been using ProGibb SG (3) then multiply the price you have been paying by 2.25 to compare on an active ingredient equivalent basis.  I think you will see our Gibber 900 gibberellic acid is cheap in comparison.

Buy gibberellic acid (Gibber 900) and increase production and reduce nitrogen addition and save.


Sizes: the 45g trial pack will treat 5 hectares and the regular 270g pack will treat 30 hectares.